I used to work as an ESL teacher, but it’s not an easy job. Especially if you think about it in terms of fashion. You need to seem confident and friendly, you don’t just dress to impress. This is also somewhat physically taxing, so you also need to stay comfortable.

Start with the basics. A simple wardrobe compiled of basic pieces allows you to customize your own appearance. Use the neutral colors and simple pieces, and customize them with more flattering items. This is also great for layering in the cooler months, in the drafty classrooms or stuffy rooms.

wholesale blousesWhether you are a male or a female teacher, your basic item of clothing should be a white, gray or neutral-colored button-up shirt. Some school councils buy wholesale blouses for the teachers. They go well with all kinds of bottoms: elegant trousers, skirts, or more casual jeans or longer skirts. You can wear a blazer on it, but for the colder months, you can also rock a nice pullover or a cardigan. They are very comfortable and always in style.

If you are a male teacher you should own at least a couple of pairs of elegant trousers in black, brown, gray, or navy, to stay professional. Women can also wear the dress, crisp trousers if they don’t want to wear skirts or dresses. If you have to wear jeans, pick ones that are dark in the wash, and not distressed. Essentially these are supposed to be denim dress pants. Women can handle professional knee-length or longer skirts. After April, you could wear shorter skirts, but during the winter you can match them with tights or leggings. These kind of shoes match well with wholesale blouses.

But the most important thing for a teacher is a pair of comfortable shoes. Men can wear oxfords or loafers with good arch support. Appropriate styles for women include ballet flats, dressy wedges, or flat-heeled boots. In the office, you sit down and don’t walk much – not so in the classroom. That’s why wearing sneakers or running shoes for work might not be frowned upon.