So imagine this. You’re at a classy dinner party with movie stars, presidents, prime ministers, and general hangers-on… and you get red wine on your exquisite red scarf! Don’t you hate when it happens?! I sure do, and I can barely afford to go to a pizzeria or to wear a nice silk scarf! It’s hard enough to find them in the stores who buy good quality wholesale scarves. Seriously though, sometimes you need to wash your scarf in an emergency. In general, you have two kinds of stains – with or without grease. Ink stains on silk are a totally different animal.

wholesale scarvesIf you have some fat-free stain on your silk scarf (or, guys, your fancy silk tie). Make your excuses, get to the ladies’ room and immediately rinse it with cold water. Try to make it run dry and squeeze the water out of it. Of course, I don’t have to say not to wring it. Instead, grab a paper towel and blot the water out, press it out, rolling it into a sausage. Of course, this is not a proper wash – wrap the scarf in a paper towel, toss it in a plastic bag until you can get home. If you’re dealing with sauce, rinse your trousers but add some gentle hand soap – don’t rub it, just soak the spot in the soapy water. Move fast! You shouldn’t put off this until “later”! Every producer of wholesale scarves will tell you that you need to maintain their products carefully.

Avoid regular bar soap – you actually want “detergent”. Soap might damage silk, you know. There’s some layer of scum that builds up on your soap dish – the better choice is actually the dishwashing liquid. If the accident happens at a private house, use this! Of course, if you get spaghetti sauce on your Hermes scarf, sometimes there’s no other way. But remember, this is not washing – you should wash your scarf properly, in the water with dishwashing detergent, adding white vinegar to the final rinse.