Boyfriend jeans are typically cute and comfortable trousers. They’re called that because they are oversized, maybe slightly distressed, and look as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. Despite this confusing masculine name and style, this kind of jeans is quite feminine. Many producers offer wholesale jeans in this style since you can look very stylish in them.

wholesale jeansIn fact, other than romantic dates in the candlelight, and endless discussion about which Star Wars movie is the best (obviously the Empire Strikes Back), boyfriend jeans are probably the best result of having a steady boyfriend. Both of us found that quite charming when I wore his jeans and T-shirt and made breakfast for both of us – like out of an old 1980s movie.

So yes, this is a great reason to raid his closet in search of the pieces of wardrobe you could actually wear. If you spot a pair of jeans your beau is no longer wearing, grab them and use them to improve your own look. If you have a nice bootie, you could try shrinking them – but it’s quite likely that they have already shrunk since many wholesale jeans on the market are already pre-shrunk.

Most of the men’s wholesale jeans in every boutique are straight leg ones. When you wear such pants, you need to ensure that the bottom hem reaches your ankles. You don’t want to roll up the legs like you’re a high schooler. And if they happen to be short… well, if they’re not that short, you can correct this with a pair of heels.

Since your boyfriend jeans are quite baggy, you should top them with a nice form-fitting top such as a vintage sports shirt. Try to keep it feminine, avoid tops like denim or leather jackets. You can add nice feminine accents like silk scarves or lace.

Try to wear a nice belt. Most boyfriend jeans need something to pull them up, so you’ll have to keep them in place. You could try bracers, but hey, a nice chunky belt is a great accessory.