Hello, readers!

Well, the Christmas time is almost upon us so how about we talked about gifts. As I had written before, I tend to start my shopping in the late fall! As it stands, I’m already prepared, now all that’s left is the traditional Christmas cooking.

I’ve always liked practical gifts – kitchen stuff, do-it-yourself kits, survival tools and books to read. However, a couple of years ago I just gave up on preparing cool gifts for my folks. I gave my dad’s the collection of his favorite series – and he never even watched it! Argh! Besides, my mom wanted a robe, but I don’t have her measurements. Instead of being way too detailed, I’m giving them simply a bottle of good booze and a chocolate and hope for the best.

christmas-woman-555814_1920I wasn’t sure what to give my brother and his wife. They’ve recently had a baby (that’s right, I’m an aunt), and so I wanted to give something for the kid… but it turns out they already have everything they needed. Just to be on the safe side, I’m getting them a pack of nappies and a board game – because they will have to spend more time at home now!

My younger sister is getting a hip-hop CD, but I’m also getting a gift for her niece in her name. The niece is fascinated by doctors, and my sister is studying to be one, so I’m getting the niece a brick set themed about nursing and hospital!

I’ve also considered getting a board game to my boyfriend, but he’s busy lately. Since he’s a passionate cyclist, I want to give him something to bike with. This is the only gift I haven’t bought, yet, because I proposed to him that we chipped in together for a tent.

And what do I want for Christmas? Well, apart from half a tent and a sleeping bag? Well, the new Harry Dresden book would be nice, I wouldn’t say no to a vacation in spa, and a nice woolen cardigan!