A lot of what I learned is through trial and error (as with most things in my life).  And, sometimes, you don’t know how a good pair of pants is supposed to feel until you’ve tried one.  When you find that special pair of wholesale trousers, it really is love from the first wear!

In-Store pick-up

My favorite clothes retailers have a free shipping option where you can pick up the shoes at a store location. It’s great and saves me time I prefer to have my clothes shipped to the store locations so that I can try them on, return the ones that don’t work out, and just bring home the ones that fit me for further evaluation. Remember that you can’t return many clothes, particularly underwear! Luckily the stores have enough wholesale trousers to choose from that it’s rarely a problem with pants.

wholesale trousersYou usually have to make a trip to the store to return some clothes anyway (they never all work out for me), so why not save yourself some work.  Trust me, lugging back eight pairs of wholesale trousers to return is definitely not cool.

Return Policy

Always, always be very familiar with the return policy of where you are shopping (online or elsewhere).  I suggest reading the return policy prior to every check-out, not just when you meet a store because you never know when a store decides to change their return policy.  I pay extra attention to the return policy of sale or clearance items. They offer a lot of wholesale trousers in retail, but sometimes they will lose money if you return them!

I also like to check that the refund will take the form of cash return, as opposed to a store credit.  The store credit may not be a big deal if you shop at that retailer often, but I just like to have the cash in my hand, as soon as I return an item.

Most of the retailers I shop at allow in-store returns; however, if in-store returns are not possible, make sure you are clear on who pays for the return shipping.  If you are responsible for paying the return shipping, know the cost, and perhaps re-evaluate if this purchase is still worth it.

Test out your wholesale trousers!

This might be a no-brainer, but always give your clothes a good test run before taking them outdoors. Most return policies give you up to 30 days (sometimes 45 –  90 days for online purchases) to return.  And as we all probably found out the hard way, standing in a pair of nice tight jeans for 5 minutes in the store, can be very different than wearing them all day.