Once I had been asked: “What’s your dream job?”. I answered: “All my dreams are dead.” But honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve started my dream job. One attitude which helped me find is was the serious approach to the wardrobe. If you’re looking for a new job, you might consider splurging on a new wardrobe to help you make that impression on a job interview. And if you did, in fact, find a new job – which is a dream job in this economy, you can start anew with some new duds. Not every employer is kind enough to buy new shirts wholesale to later serve as a uniform for you! Save some cash with my tips, which will help you to learn when to splurge for these new work clothes and when you can save.

Get some new blouses and work shirts

shirts wholesaleThe easiest way to revise your dowdy work wardrobe is by getting a couple of new blouses or shirts. Good quality boutiques always source great elegant shirts wholesale from good suppliers. You can wear them with pants or skirts since a good work shirt is simply elegant. If you can, invest in quality materials like silk. If you have some extra cash, have them fitted! Keep to neutrals, with most being white and off-white, a black one if necessary, and a couple with embroidery and interesting patterns if you’ll want to stand out a bit more.

Transform your bottom

If you always wore a pantsuit to your office, consider skirts. There are endless varieties of skirts in all sorts of patterns, colors, and styles. Match your retail and wholesale shirts with simple basic gray and black skirts as a basis, and then start expanding your wardrobe. Add more vivid – but still more conservative – colors, and experiment with other shapes.

Blazers and suit jackets

You need to have a formal top to toss over your nice shirts wholesale. And for women, a nice blazer is paramount. You can wear it with anything in your closet. Try to match it with your pencil skirts or work pants, then get a couple of lighter ones – and remember to match them with a couple of nice bottoms as well!

Don’t feel blue if your office wardrobe has been dowdyish lately. Just get a couple of new pieces and reinvent yourself with it!