Hello lovelies! So how was your Christmas/Holidays/Chanukkah? I’ve started to reconsider my life goals and New Year’s resolutions, looked back and started to look forward. I’ve decided to face the future and beat it up. I have a new job, I know enough about wholesale womens sweaters to be a fashionista, so what’s left?

1. Save up at least a thousand Euros

Sort of goes without saying, doesn’t it? I’m getting more and more financially independent, I have some money saved up but it’s for a specific purpose. For the first time since time immemorial I’m finishing this year in the black, with a steady job, an understanding boyfriend and renting a place of my almost own.

wholesale womens sweaters2. Go out more

I’m not super sociable. This week I had an opportunity to go out, but I declined because I’m mostly a teetotaller. I should make more friends who share my interests, go out and have fun. My friends are now having their kids, I should at least consider it.

3. Practice, practice, practice

As some of you know, my hobby is folk music. I play washboard and harmonica (not at the same time, obviously). And this year I and my band gave their first live appearance in a real pub. We sucked, we played, we survived and we had fun. But I need more harmonica practice after work. Same goes for biking – Robert and I want to take a biking trip across the district!

4. Become more confident

I am not a beauty queen – I’m big, fat and have red face and feet, which is why I avoid posting my pics here. But I work to improve my appearance and fashion sense, from major designers to makers of wholesale womens sweaters! I want to learn more about fashion, lose some kilograms and at least handle my body better!

5. Write and read more

Okay, I’m proud of myself. I have finished almost entire Harry Dresden saga, I’ve written a couple of short stories about Myria and her gang. But it’s not enough. My friend Sharon who is a native English speaker has promised to edit the forthcoming episode, and I want to publish it for free or for €.99 for example!

What are your New Year resolutions?