Hello darlings! Today’s topic for the casual fashionista is apparently tracksuits. I have absolutely no idea why tracksuits are in fashion now. I do enjoy more exercise than the next girl, but I never, ever ever would treat them as a fashion piece. I don’t even see them as loungewear. But people – and celebs like Paris Hilton – suddenly started to appear in them on streets. Sure. Wholesale tracksuits on the market are decent enough to wear them as activity wear, and I suppose I might have stepped in a store when coming home from jogging, but enough’s enough.

wholesale tracksuitsAnd there are some varieties of wholesale tracksuits on the market I despise even more. Let’s start with silk ones. I mean what the actual heck. I myself own two pairs of rayon ones – artificial silk. One is comfy but got pilling after a while, the other one is sweaty and not that stretchy, but looks nice. But real silk? Who invented the concept of silk athletic wear? You will drown in your own sweat… disgusting.

And there’s the prints. In general, I believe that a tracksuit should spell “sleek”, “athletic”, “cool”. And so I am baffled by some prints on the wholesale tracksuits I encounter. Floral prints? Seriously? Roses and leaves are conducive to your exercise? Why not simply wear a nice blouse if it’s so elegant for you? And the same goes for animal prints. Don’t get me wrong – my best friend Maddie has a fondness for leopard print leggings and I approve. Leggings – okay, faux leather jackets… sure. Shoes? Of course. But lightweight tracksuits? Not even rappers wear these today.

If you’re a boutique owner or manufacturer of wholesale tracksuits, please, please, please avoid sourcing, selling or making of these – make them fitted, sporty and stretchy, the way I like!