New Year’s upon us, and it’s high time we cleaned our closets! Let’s start with the “toss out the old, and bring in the new.” You need to purge your wardrobe and replace it with new wholesale womens clothing!

Your first criterion should be – does this piece fit me as I am now? If this dress doesn’t fit, then why are you going to keep it? Just give it to a thrift store, where someone will actually buy and wear it. Even if the clothes fit, you might hold onto some clothes that need some fixing. If you know that you will sit down and actually use a sewing machine to fix it, or pay a tailor to do it for you, keep these – and if not, use these pieces as rags for cleaning. if the dress is perfect, it might have some serious permanent stains. Sure, you might think that it still looks nice, but you wouldn’t wear them in public. Toss them away, you have plenty of clean casual clothes. Donate them to the unfortunate or trash them – and if it’s some kind of sentimental family heirloom, you can display it.

Look at the wardrobe and think “when did I wear this piece for the last time”. Do you even like this dress? Do you want to wear it again? Does it fit any other pieces? If you haven’t worn the bit for a year, and you can’t see yourself in it again – donate them so that someone else would love them!

The same applies with DIY garments. Look at your Etsy collection or clothes you made yourself and never got around to fixing. Are you actually going to sit down and fix them? No? Well, toss it in the trash!

Don’t be afraid of purging your wardrobe. You want to start the New Year with a clean slate – create some open space in your closet, ready to receive new clothes. A lot of my recommendations call simply to get rid of clothes you won’t wear anymore – you don’t need to splurge on the new wholesale womens clothing.