The producers offer wholesale trousers in all shapes and cuts. On the market, there are plenty of wholesale trousers which will doubtlessly flatter your figure. For me, fashion is all about self-expression and presentation and the style should match your body and advantage.Here are a couple of ideas which will help you accentuate your advantages.

children-of-palestine-1882573_1920If you happen to be voluptuous, try showing off your curves. Take a good close look at the skinny jeans. And you can easily balance the look of skinny jeans or pants with a simple oversized top. And for the shoes, you can get flats. Flat or ballerina flat shoes look great with this style of trousers and are very feminine and fun.

Wide hips? If your butt is nice and chunky, consider wide legs to balance its top. If your hips and posterior are a larger size, wide legged jeans or other wholesale trousers will help you look great. Match them with nice heels, the higher the better.

If you’re tall and lanky, consider boot cuts. Their flares can add some curves to your body. Bell-bottoms might also optically lengthen the leg and look great with ankle boots in the same color.

For women with prominent bellies, there are high-waisted jeans. They come with the inbuilt corset, so they can optically flatten the tummy, lengthen the leg and flatten the midsection. Pumps tend to work well with these trousers.

If you’re looking for comfort, why not pick a pair of cargo pants? These sporty and roomy trousers will help you hide your big thighs. Pair them with a nice casual pair of booties, something chunky and comfortable.

And if you’re a petite lady, you could focus on a pair of cropped jeans. Choose ones with a straight, narrow bottom hem with some stretch. Match them with a pair of pointy-toed high heeled boots which will elongate the silhouette and help the petite figure.