Hooded jumpers wholesale: I think that at this point everyone in the UK and EU has one or more. You probably have worn it with a pair of jeans at one point or another. It’s the classic teen look – or post-teen look. Sure, it looks better than a hoodie and sweatpants, but there must be some other ways of using it.

hooded jumpers wholesaleI personally happen to believe that as with any other part of a professional outfit, hoodies work best when accessorized. Look at the hooded jumpers wholesale and consider how to customize it best. Is it zipped or a pullover? Large pockets in the front? Solid or patterned? This the first step toward building a look around your hoodie: revealing accessory options. Clothing, jewelry, hats and scarves, a world of accents waits for you. Look at what’s available in the retail stores – or at the place you bought hooded jumpers wholesale.

No matter the article of clothing, from hooded jumpers wholesale to suit jackets, accessorizing involves taking a look at the item’s characteristics. Consider the color first: mis-matched colors can ruin an outfit as soon as you appear in the doorframe. Instead pick only one or two accent pieces; otherwise, you will overdo it – too much is often worse than not enough. Remember: Carefully selected accessories can make for an admirable ensemble – with you as the centerpiece.

While it is true that neutrals can always be paired with neutrals, such combinations often create a washed-out look. You don’t want to look bland. Pick hooded jumpers wholesale that are colorful or have a darker, visible accent. If you have an outfit that’s very light or very dark, a splash of color can completely transform it. Luckily, hooded jumpers wholesale are available in vivid prints. A great option for you is animal print which can look stunning.