Winter is coming and with it the blizzard, the snow storms, and the cold winds… So, well, how to stay stylish, warm and beautiful in these weather conditions? Every stylish lady is plagued by hat-head, the sweat, the wrinkled button-downs, soaked pant legs and other maladies on her way to and from the office, the gym, the club. The designers of clothes like wholesale winter hats constantly look for new solutions to help us, ladies, out. And here we present a short guide to making it work and proudly strutting your stuff in the cold European winter.

Wholesale winter hats

wholesale winter hatsYes, stores are full of wholesale winter hats for all of us. But forget about the trendy felt ones – I believe that the hat must be loose fitting but snug enough to stay on when the cold winds are blowing. The baggier and fluffier the better. And yeah,  you should always dry your hair completely before you put your hat on… Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with hat head until the evening!

The Gloves and mittens

I wear two pairs of gloves instead of thick ski gloves. The gloves should be easy to put on and take off, because you often need nimble fingers to unlock the doors, count your cash or find that 5€ coin. And the inner layer should allow you to use touch screens, both for your own cell phone but also for things like ticket machines. They must be warm but able to grip things like the railing on the stair or on the metro.

Scarfs and snoods

In the busy smoggy day the scarf should be warm and stylish – but also long enough to wrap around your face when the wind blows. Ditch the wool, since it’s so itchy, instead pick synthetic blends or cashmere. You can also wear two scarves – a snood to help you warm and a scarf to protect your cheeks.

Shoes and socks

Again, two layers – thick woolen socks over a thin cotton pair. You’ll thank me later.