I’ve traveled around and well, I’ve noticed a thing. Even though the tights are pretty much a fashion staple in most Western countries of the world, I rarely ever see anyone wearing them in the America. Sure – Europe is actually more northern than the US, but even in the colder regions like Chicago or Washington, few women wear tights. Both Europe and America have stores which source wholesale tights, but European ones probably sell more!

wholesale tightsI asked around. For a lot of ladies wearing bare legs in the winter is something like a shout “I am young and I want to show off my legs”. Bare legs are very common in summer or spring, but even in the winter and fall, I sense that fewer women in America wear wholesale tights than here in Europe. I think that they’re simply fancier and we all know that European ladies like to overdress. You can sell your legs as “fancy” in the office especially if matched with simpler tunic tops.

I have always been a faithful believer in wearing tights or leggings under shorts in the winter… but a lot of American ladies seem to actively avoid wearing boots. When I asked them, they simply said that it’s too much of a hassle to put them on. And so, even in the cold Chicago, they go barefoot with sneakers on.

It just feels so weird… they aren’t a trend where I live. They’re a staple. It’s like saying that here people simply don’t like wearing T-shirts or jeans. Sure, different styles might be popular or trending but the basic item will always be worn. My American friends said it’s like “being devoured by a snake through the day” – and you know what? Turns out what she actually needed were good quality tights – I brought her some from France. Maybe the American producers of wholesale tights offer substandard products? Who knows?