In general, I’m a big fan of huge scarves since you can wear them long and hanging in the fall or get all wrapped inside them, bunched up in the winter when it’s colder -they’re amazingly versatile. If you want to bundle up, you can try wearing one of these instead of cheap wholesale scarfs. I sometimes wear my scarf like a shawl during the lectures, and then use it to keep the wind out when I’m waiting at the bus stop.

A new scarf I’ve picked up is a black and white checkered wool scarf that I found on clearance! In general, stores don’t price the scarves that high – since wholesale scarfs are so cheap. This scarf is probably my new #1 favorite item in my wardrobe and I would wear it every day!  But recently I decided to make my own scarf from a piece of fabric.

wholesale scarfsAll you need to do is go to the fabric store, buy a large piece of fabric, and hem the edges to protect it from snagging on things. In many stores, they will hem your wholesale scarfs for you! You can save a lot of money if you make your blanket scarves yourself.

With your hand-made scarfs you are completely impervious to cold winds during the winter (especially helpful if you bike to work like I do). Use it as a blanket or shawl at home and at the office! When I came to work wrapped in my checkered scarf, everyone wanted to steal this thing from me!

After work, I can also fold my wool scarf into a triangle and wear it under my winter coat. It’s amazingly warm and I can pull it up over my mouth and nose when the frost bites. I can’t recommend these blanket scarfs enough.