Hello, loves!

I’m not going to lie, I missed a couple of day in my schedule this month. I’ve been sick, and the classes resumed quickly. Yes, I’m back to school and it’s not sheer fun I expected it to be. Some of the people in my class are students who also try to get teaching credentials, but there are more people my age. To be honest, there are a couple of cute guys… but they are mostly younger and some of them are already taken.

woman-1807399_1920Speaking of teaching and students – don’t you hate when a single guy is flirting with all the girls around him… and is distracting! I’d slap him silly, but I just moved… and he was pointed out by most of the lecturers. It’s educational to see how these “experts” on pedagogics treated that d-bag.

Anyway, I also neglected my band practices and we missed a gig. Yesterday, however, I stayed up a little bit longer after work to play my washboard and played the harmonica for half an hour. It’s not a lot but hey, whatever works! I am going to practice today… I hope.

Book-wise I’ve returned to Terry Pratchett, and bought a copy of “Raising Steam”. It’s a very weak novel; there are far fewer jokes in it than in other Discworld books, the plot is very disorganised and instead of being a love letter to the steam engine it’d do better if it were a fun read.

I also enjoyed a new dish – bought a jar of the Caribbean chicken sauce, enjoyed the lemon zesty tang. I need to cook more. I hope I’ll have some opportunity to do so next weekend. I’ve had enough of defrosting ready-made fish fingers and chips.

Yesterday my baby sister had her 21st birthday. In America, she’d be a full citizen. But I just got her a small handbag/purse and a neat chocolate candy bar. She was cool with that.