Imagine this: you have just purchased a fah-bulous red dress – and now, of course, you need to assemble the outfit involving it. I have to admit, I really love these moments, when I have my wardrobe opened, showing a big mirror and I can visualise what I will look like. And one of the key questions I should figure out the answer to is what tights should I wear to such a bright red dress. I have plenty of cheap tights wholesale I got as promotional items, but they don’t have to work!

tights wholesaleI have instantly focused on the black nylon tights – but whether I should pick the opaque ones or more of see-through ones or tights with a lacy pattern… Well, there are hundreds of factors, the most relevant of which would probably be the style of the dress. For a more evening dress, I’d pick a pair of sheer lightly tinting pantyhose. However, the weather is a major factor. I’d almost always go with black because I believe red and black to be a wonderful combination. We are evolutionary more keen on the colour red – it is more noticeable, implies warmth and personal contact. Red is also the colour of power – and power is always very sexy.

And my black tights should be thicker now – after all, the winter is com… I mean it’s already here! Winter tights wholesale is usually made from a thicker type of material such as wool, cotton or flannel. They are not recommended for extremely cold weather since they might cause chafing, it is still common to see women wearing them as an outer layer on their legs. I like to wear them as an outer layer in very cold weather or even snowfall. I like the feel of the black merino wool tights on my legs and they keep me warm. Sometimes, I wear them under a pair of fancy trousers or jeans.