One major question that quite likely keeps you from sleeping at night is “Should your bra and panties match?” Well, luckily for you I am here to answer this question, and the answer is, of course: “Yes and no.” There are many different occasions where your undergarments should and when it shouldn’t match. In general, the producers of wholesale panties also offer matched bras and these sets are available on the market – but it isn’t a rule.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: fashion reinforces self-confidence. If you are going to the doctor’s office it’s good that your bra and panties matched. In general, the doctor’s office tends to make women feel a little uncomfortable, so wearing a matching set will calm your nerves a bit.

wholesale panties
Toss something over your lingerie! Maybe not like this!

And if you’re going out on special occasions such as a date, the matching set is a requirement. No guy wants to see non-matching sets when the date is over. Sure, from my experience it seldom has deterred the man from doing what we two were about to do. But still – self-confidence. This affects my performance as well, and I want to help him!

When shopping for clothes you could look for the matching bra and panties. Most stores buy good quality sets of wholesale panties and bras, but if you’re shopping for other clothes with a friend you also should pick a matching set.  When changing in front of other women you might feel more comfortable if your bra and panties match.

But if you’re just chilling casually, you might not need your lingerie to match. Days off are a perfect example. You don’t have any errands to run or any real reason to leave the house, then wearing any lingerie is not a requirement. And nobody cares if under my clothes I wear the simple mismatched cotton tighty-whiteys. Remember though what Terry Pratchett said about underwear

“always wear completely clean underwear every day because you never knew when you were going to be knocked down and killed by a runaway horse and if people found you had unsatisfactory underwear on, you’d die of shame.”

I think that more women prefer to have matching sets even if they don’t necessarily get them in couples.