When I go shopping for blouses, I usually look for designs and colours that will complement what I already have in my wardrobe. The stores are full of women tops and blouses wholesale. That way I can build up a collection that I can mix and match, ultimately giving me a really wide choice. It works whether I am going out in the evening, relaxing at home, or working at the office.

I have one, really nice, black leather jacket that I team with dresses, skirts and my new jeggings. I also have a pretty floral jacket that I can wear with my plain dresses and skirts. I have a number of blouses that work under both these jackets, both for evening and day wear. I can get women tops and blouses wholesale that will match my collection.

women tops and blouses wholesaleStart by analysing what is already in your wardrobe. Make a list, putting each item into categories including the occasion you will wear the garment and what fabric it is made from. Don’t worry if there is a cross-over, for example, you might wear a  silk tunic in the evening or during the day.

Once you have analysed the clothes you have, identify what you need. For instance, if you have three long skirts, do you have blouses that you can wear with them? Instead of just choosing formal or casual tops that appeal to you, make sure that they will work within your wardrobe. Colour is an important factor here and it helps to have a colour range that is easy to mix and match. This really is a personal choice.

Different manufacturers of women tops and blouses wholesale often specialise in certain fabric types, so it is a good idea to identify a suitable material instead of looking at every single type. Alternatively look for newly released collections that feature let’s say satin blouses, or perhaps casual cotton tops.