There are many unanswered questions dogging us in our everyday lives; are we alone in the universe?  Why is the reality television so popular?  Why is golf called a sport? The list is frankly endless but perhaps one of the most scientifically challenging questions is related to fashion. Can I wear cheap wholesale shorts with stilettos and not look like white trash?

An interesting question I’m sure you’ll agree and one which deserves much more attention than it currently gets. I propose an immediate committee set up to discuss the possibility of some sort of democratic process in which experts in the field can display their qualifications and (using a complex system of proportional representation) be voted onto a panel which will then retire to ruminate on the issue. They will report back in 18 months following a period of isolation on the west coast of Greenland.

While all this is happening perhaps we should try a slightly less unscientific method and look at the celebs, great people or models actually trying to rock this look.

wholesale shorts

Let’s start with Eva Longoria. Let’s face it: she would look good wearing twigs and dustbin bag so this isn’t really a fair test but, well, why not? She looks stunning as always, and bright shorts contrast with her swarthy skin. Famous people have said she is very short – and the heels help her out here.

I’m sure you’ll agree there’s not much wrong with that look. And this look was also some time ago rocked by a couple of younger ladies, like Selina Gomez and Hailee Steinfeld doing the business and pulling it off. And of course, there’s one of my favourite celebs, the lovely Rihanna.

Now, you know me – I’m the prime advocate of not blindly following fashion and finding your own way… so treat the idols as inspiration, not as holy idols. If the celeb endorses wearing shorts, the fashion stores turn full of wholesale shorts – but this is not necessarily a bad thing… if you have the legs to handle this! Me, I will wear a pair of bright green leggings under denim shorts this Thursday!