Contemplating a hat but not sure if you can pull it off? Don’t worry – hats have come a long way. Popular styles are seen on celebrity heads everywhere as hats hit the fashion scene with a bang, from wholesale ladies caps to massive top hats. But don’t let their good looks fool you – hats are just as functional as they are stylish.

Check out the top 5 reasons to get a hat on:

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1. Make a Fashion Statement – Have you ever wished you were one of those cool people who could sport a hat and wear it like you owned it? Well, you can. Hats come in so many different styles, shapes and fabrics that there is bound to be one to suit your style and get you noticed. In the winter, there’s plenty of wholesale ladies caps in the stores so if you want some of that hipster look – you can.

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2. Keep Cool – Nothing like a good hat to block out the sun and prevent harmful UV rays from beaming down onto your skin. And the wider the brim, the better to shield your face from the sun and keep you cooler during those hot summer months.

3. Turn a Bad Hair Day into a Good Day – Did you just roll out from under the covers with bed head and don’t have time to fix your hair? Or maybe you got the most awful haircut known to man and you need a quick and easy way to conceal it. Whatever the case, get a hat on! A hat is a great way to instantly transform your look from “blah” to “wow!” and since they come in so many styles from fancy dress hats to ladies’ hats, you can constantly update your look to suit your mood. Hats are gaining popularity so no one will ever guess what hair horror you are sporting under your stylish head gear.


Just… Keep your ears covered, okay?


4. Stay Warm – This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Especially if you crawl out from the warm bed at 6 AM like I do. You can get a hat that keeps heat in to keep you warm and toasty. It’s an urban legend that we lose most of our body heat through the head, but still, we shouldn’t keep our skin uncovered. That’s why in the winter all stores source wholesale ladies caps and other headgear.

5. Protect Yourself from the Sun – According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), hats are an easy way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Try a sun-protective brand that shields your face, scalp, ears, and neck and features a wide brim, for example, western hats. Also look for darker coloured hats that may protect you from more UV rays.