Hello darlings! It’s February, winter is going to end soon, and I’m finally getting back into a running groove so I thought I’d do a post for all the new runners out there. Running wasn’t something I naturally picked up, it was a thing that I really struggled with for a long time and it took a lot of determination to keep going.

But it also took something else–proper running gear, from wholesale track suits to lightweight shoes.

wholesale track suitsWhen I first started running I spent a lot of time trying to determine what essentials I needed to make me successful. Running was already uncomfortable and I didn’t want what I was wearing to be an excuse for not hitting my goals. But more likely than not, you can’t just shell out a couple hundred dollars the instant you decide to start running, so where do you start?

I believe that a woman should start with a proper sports bra; as one ad claimed, the only thing that should jump is the ball. Running in regular bra (or even worse without a bra) is painful both immediately and in the long run.

The second essential should be a pair of proper running shoes. I prefer to pick a no-name generic brand to large ones — I want to pay for the quality, not for the logo. But I know what I want – good traction, arched soles, good weight spread and comfort.

And of course the clothes – you can find good wholesale track suits online. They should be lightweight, but protect you from the cold (especially when you remember that the winter hasn’t ended) and the spring rain.

Finally, you could consider a good wicking undershirt. Cotton T-shirts soak up your sweats so synthetic materials are the better choice.

And finally, consider the accessories like a sweatband or an mp3 player – running with your phone is asking for trouble these days.