Why, hello, lovelies!

Is it snowing where you live too? It’s two days of cold winds in a row and I’m starting to get furious! Now, as some of you may know I am a cycling aficionada, but this winter was mostly snowy… and it’s the third winter cold I’ve caught this year. Despite the fact that I’ve invested in cheap snoods, wholesale caps and a brand-new pair of gloves I am coughing and sneezing. This weekend I’ve actually had something (?) leaking out of my nose – and I have a full-time job, I study post-grad and I spent half of Saturday constantly sniffling. OH LORD MAKE IT STOP.

But anyway.

wholesale caps
This is not how Magda looks like… but she could 😦

This has helped me to rethink a thing or two about the comfort. I have made a consistent effort to become more fashionable and self-confident, but in principle, I have no unified vision of my appearance. I’ve always thought of myself as Zofia (or Sophie or Asterienne, whatever), and I wanted to feel comfortable above all. After all, my main draw was supposed to be my wonderful personality and acerbic wit. But now that my life situation is more stable, I find myself wanting to look… well, pretty.

And that’s the problem with all kinds of winter wear, from my worn winter jackets to a collection of retail-bought and wholesale caps, scarves and gloves – None. Of. Them. Match. I don’t actually have a consistent winter style. A playful cap with a pair of googly eyes… a simple biking snood, a leather figure-hugging jacket (not that easy to find with my bucket-o’-lard figure), and a pair of conductive gloves to be able to use my phone outdoors… While Magda comes in, in a massive white fake fur hat, figure-hugging white woollen winter coat, over-the-knee black boots, looking like a goddamned Cruella de Ville.

Jealousy much? Well, maybe. I should probably be planning my spring wardrobe – professional and with some athletic undertones. Starting March, I’m gonna bike everywhere; my legs are already fairly shapely and so I intend to show them (even if my pot belly makes it harder). Keep your fingers crossed, lovelies!