I strongly believe that it’s in the nature of women to want to get attention. This is the reason why we always make ourselves look pretty. We wear nice coloured clothes and sexy wholesale skirts. This instinct is nothing to be ashamed of – it’s a part of the animal kingdom! And yes, males do the same to attract females (like ducks) or females attract males (like spiders). It’s not wrong, in my view, it’s just basic biology! In short, this is already part of our way of living.

Some call it vanity, senseless pride. They say that it’s making yourself beautiful just because you want to look more appealing than any other girls that you consider a competition. But as I said, this is biology. It has been like that for a very long time. In fact, if you trace the history of fashion, in most ages women dressed up to impose their status, wealth and beauty.

That’s what makes this generation different. There was a time where every part of a woman’s body was supposed to be covered. That’s why they were wearing gowns with thick materials and stuff. Today you’ll be laughed at and ridiculed should you wear one (except if you are in a costume party). The modern generation is different, the more you expose a portion of your body, the more attention you will get.

wholesale skirtsThat’s why production of wholesale skirts has been so rampant. As you can see a lot of people are now trying to reveal their knees and it’s like nothing to them anymore. In the nineteenth century revealing the ankles was such a shock and a lot of jaws dropped but these days it’s nothing.  A lot of stores are offering these wholesale skirts and they come in different designs and sizes.

But of course, it’s not easy to wear a skirt to show off and present yourself like a mating baboon might. To look pretty, your dress needs to match your body shape and skin tone. We don’t know what the next thing is after skirts will be but fashion is unpredictable. What’s “in” today may become obsolete tomorrow.