Are you one of those people who love fashion? Do you always feel that you want to pursue a career in fashion? Do you think you have the guts to enter the world of fashion? Many girls dream of being models but end up designing wholesale ladies clothing — my mum used to say “whatever works for you, dear!” Today, I would like to share jobs in the fashion biz that you can choose according to your ability and interest.

Personal Stylist

Believe it or not, there are people who are not knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. Most of them hire a personal stylist to help them learn the right clothes to wear in different occasion according to their body types. Celebrities often have personal stylists.

Personal Shopper

Shopping helps a lot of ladies to lessen their stress. However, sometimes there are women and men who do not have enough time to go for shopping. A personal shopper can buy clothes they need.

wholesale ladies clothingBoutique Owner

Fashion and Business is a good combination. This is one of the most profitable businesses on Earth. Buy wholesale ladies clothing, sell them to retail customers and have fun!

Fashion Merchandiser

Are you interested in the production of wholesale ladies clothing, its cost, studying past sales and analysing the market? Then you can be a fashion merchandiser who focuses on product manufacturing.

Fashion Photographer

Do you love taking pictures and love fashion at the same time? If you love them both, you can be a fashion photographer. There’s always a need for these – from fashion blogs to TV and magazines!

Fashion Stylist

Are you interested in bringing life to the vision of a director or photographer for a fashion shoot, commercial, print advertisement, layout and music video? If yes, then you are suitable to be a fashion stylist. You will be responsible for selecting the place, props, modes, fashion clothes and accessories.

Fashion Buyer

Do you have the fashion sense? You can be a fashion buyer for a retail store if you have enough understanding and knowledge of their target customer and the market of wholesale ladies clothing.

Fashion Illustrator

If sketching or drawing is one of your skills and at the same time you have the interest in fashion, you can be a fashion illustrator of clothes, accessories and shoes for catalogues and fashion advertisements.wholesale ladies clothing

Fashion Writer

Do you love writing? Do you love fashion? Do you love writing about fashion? Why not apply as a fashion writer or journalist? There are many newspapers, fashion websites or fashion blogs, fashion magazines who are willing to hire you to share the knowledge you know about fashion.

Fashion Model

Do you think you belong to the world of fashion because you know how to dress well and you are beautiful? If yes, then you can be a fashion model who can show other people how to look dress well.