The crucial issue about finding plus size clothes which will match your body shape and build is learning to work with separates. No matter what the local women’s clothing wholesaler might think, no two plus-sized women are exactly alike. Some have the ampler bust line, some are wide in the hips, some in the waist and some in some other areas. Some can simply be very tall or have the thicker arms and thighs.

However, when you’re buying separates, the right size becomes vastly easier to find. This way you only have to worry about finding the right size on either top or bottom and not on both. If you find well-fitted pants or skirt that flatters your hips and thighs, buy it immediately in all available colours from the women’s clothing wholesaler and then you can work on finding yourself some very good business jackets or blouses. The trick is to learn how to mix and match separates.

render-977195_960_720The thing with suits is that they look best when they are tailor fit to your body (that’s why you need to have good quality personal tailor). For plus size women, it is not always easy to find them. One trick could be to find suits and formal clothes in elegant fabrics and buy them in the closest fit you can possibly find and then ask a tailor to do the final touch by adjusting it here and there to get that well-fitted feel. Minor adjustments are less expensive, so you might decide not to buy an extra suit. It might cost you more, but it will be an investment well worth it.

A well-fitted suit is worth ten ill fitting ones. Every French women’s clothing wholesaler knows that by heart. If you go to Paris, you will find lots of small alteration shops (usually written “retouches” on the signs) where the prices are horribly high (30 euros for an alteration). French people are ready to pay that much to get that tailored fit. Plus size suits may not be that easy to find, but getting that well-fitted feel is not impossible to achieve.