The ones who know me, know that I’m a folk musician and into skiffle. I’m not all about fashion or promoting shirt wholesale or other products. I play a mean washboard and I’m starting to get the hang on harmonica. And recently, there’s an open mike festival in my hometown. Me and my band, loosely translated as Assorted Bunch of Hobos gave their third public appearance and people moved to the beat. We played a cover of American song Big Rock Candy Mountain. There was a sad guy with a guitar, a stand-upper, and there was a homegrown college band. They played a lot of old tunes and one of them was Enter Sandman by Metallica from their ‘Black’ album.

shirt wholesaleI was surprised and immediately went nostalgic. Whenever I hear that song it always brings back a lot of memories and I just have to smile. Sixteen or seventeen years ago (Holy cow, am I really that old?) when I was either in the fourth or third grade of high school. I can’t remember which… Yup, I am apparently that old – the memory’s going already! The school band played it during a parade to commemorate something – maybe my country joining the EU?

And since I was tall and impressive (still fat) so I had to parade with the flag, while wearing a red sequin bowtie, a gold sparkly shirt wholesale, and green sequined wristbands…to a Metallica song. Wow, it sounds really ridiculous when I say it that way. But… the memories. We had a kid in the band that was really good at playing the electric guitar, so he plugged himself in and away we went. It was awesome! (He was really good!) The effect might have been better if I had been wearing Metallica shirt wholesale, but oh well, it was the teachers deciding what to play… I suppose some of them were into metal! They seemed so old and distant then but actually, they might have been as old as I am now. Time flies… and I hope to be a good and cool teacher to my students!