Well, there are sometimes times when you want to change your life. I’d like to talk today about assembling a bike outfit since the weather becomes more bearable. It’s not perfectly warm and dry, but at least the bike lanes aren’t covered in snow, slush and salt. Anyone who’s ever biked in the wintertime knows that the support – the chain, the pedals and the gears – is very vulnerable to the salt-based corrosion, not to mention the spokes. You need to maintain it…

But what it means for the costume? Well, let’s be honest for a moment — don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. I prefer having a pair of gloves around… and black bike shorts to wipe my hands! I don’t have long fingernails, so I don’t bother much, but if you are an elegant girl you will probably suffer!

woman-918603_1920And your black shorts should be tight, but not limit the flow of blood to your legs! Wear ones made of spandex. This is more of a matter for the summer, but usually, you shouldn’t wear underwear with your biking shorts. Slip them on your naked body. Biking shorts can have a padded version with some added soft fluff layer protecting your buttocks. In general, these are convenient because you protect your skin from abrasion!

And I also wear a colourful biking shirt. First of all, it needs to wick away sweat, especially when it can get cold. Cotton shirts absorb sweat, so they become rotten easily, and as they cool down, they become moist and cold. That’s why I prefer synthetic ones. Second, a biking shirt should be visible – pick ones with visible colours like neon pink or reflective  yellow.

Sometimes you need some extra protection. I wear a sweatshirt over my biking shirt and change before work. And if it’s raining, I pick up my trousers and put it in my handbag; and instead I bike to work in polyester sweatpants.