Okay, so as February is ending, I should take a look at myself. I call it Operation Get Shit Together. I have my 2017 goals in mind and I have achieved some of them already. Obviously, some of these goals are big enough that I’ll be working on them outside of their given month of focus, and I’m hoping the habit-related ones will continue well past their given month. So here it goes:

January – exercise 20 minutes a day

Yeah, I’m a lazy fat chick. Ever since I took up office work and quit being a freelancer I’ve become pretty sedentary. Luckily a) I now have more room in my living area and I can do stuff like push-ups. 20 minutes a day is NOTHING, I spend more time than that trying to decide what to watch on youtube at night. A lot more, actually. And b) with the spring coming here, I am now fully ready to bike to and from work which is already like 50 minutes.


February – stick to a budget

So I got a steady job, and I manage to end each month in the black which isn’t to be sneezed at. I pay my rent, I can buy things like new shoes or Spotify account, life’s not bad. I could be doing a lot better, though. And I know if I started regularly making budgets again and sticking to them, I’d be GOLDEN. Right now I’m saving up for the second semester of my post-grad ESL teaching course, but hey, life’s not bad.

Status: Feb 28, have saved a little less than my monthly wages and some publishers owe me some money.

March – eat 5 homecooked meals a week

I love to cook. LIVE for meals. I’m going to be a little lenient as to what constitutes a home cooked meal, allowing for one convenience meal a week.So well, I’m gonna count a toast with cheese or scrambled eggs, but not ramen or TV dinners. Gonna find me some recipes.

STATUS: Mostly okay, even though most of them are “peel potatoes, fry things up”

April – read a book a week

I tell guys I’m a deep and romantic individual… but the truth is I love books where wizards ride zombie T-rexes. Last year I almost completed the Dresden Files saga, and I’m going to be a regular reader. I have switched to e-books since they’re light and cheaper in the long run. In April I’ll make a goal of finishing a book a week, level of complexity and subject matter really aren’t the issue.

STATUS: Hmmm… not counting the school materials or professional stuff, I haven’t read a good novel since January. Oh – and Aeronaut’s Windlass is pretty lame, so I might as well not have bothered.

May – Go abroad

With a lot of things going on in Europe recently, I want at least enjoy what are the good sides of the EU (and believe you me, I have seen plenty of bad things!). I might visit Germany, Austria or the Czech Republic. That’d be fairly sweet.

STATUS: I have some money set aside (see February), I have a guy to go with, I have checked how affordable hostels in Berlin are.

June – Make some money from music

We’re skifflers – and if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically folk for the poors. I play a washboard and the harmonica. But I’ve never been able to fully commit to band meetings and then spend the time, money and energy to actually perform. We’re going to make an advantage and try rocking on some open mike night.

STATUS: I need to practice more harmonica… and I will consider this once I finish my post-grad course.

msm1smallJuly – bake one cake/pastry a week

Minus the occasional cobbler or cookie, I try to avoid baking.My sis is a champ, but I just can’t bake a cake that didn’t come out of a box. I’m going to challenge myself to one scary baking project a week that month.

STATUS: Eh, I’m not even going to bother. These are just cakes.

August – look for new job opportunities

I’m not quitting my job, I’m just going to try to earn something on the side. With my writing and ESL teaching, I’m sure to devote an extra hour or two for beer money.

STATUS: There are no jobs in Eastern Europe.

September – Invest money.

I am bad with money, it drives my boyfriend INSANE. I spend my money on useless toys and fashion items. I’m not saying I need to be more responsible (though I do), but I want to do something constructive with my money. I might buy shares or even invest in loans.

STATUS: I have to make money first.

October – go back to school… as a teacher.

When I will finish my course, I’ll have to spend a couple of days actually teaching to pass it. After the summer vacation, I will need to practice the classes.

Status: Right now I’m not sure if I pass my first semester; time will show where I will teach.

November- learn to properly apply cosmetics

Okay, so I can slap on some powder, put on mascara and generally apply lipstick without getting it on my teeth. I have a basic idea of how to downplay my trouble spots. But things like liquid eyeliner? Multiple colours of eyeshadow at once? Copying looks from magazine editorials? No flipping clue. And I want to know! I think it’s magical and glorious how you can transform your look with a little powder and paint and I want in on that action. Next November I’m going to pick a few tutorials and follow them, do before and after shots and see if I might just learn how to put my face on properly yet.

December – plan and DIY holiday decorations

I don’t really do seasonal decorating. I’ll pull out the Christmas tree and slap some stuff on it, but I really don’t like traditional store bought holiday decor. I’m going to un-Scrooge myself by next Christmas though. I’m going to pick a few projects, some that my boyfriend and I can do together, some a little more complex, and document them. Hopefully, I’ll end up with the most Christmasy house you’ve seen in your life. Or at least the most sparkly.